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SIA defence of press attack on wood burning stoves

March 17, 2021

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Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) responds to the spate of negative articles in the national press around wood burning stoves.

On Friday 12th February the Daily Express ran an article authored by Dr Gary Fuller in both its online and print issues. The SIA sent a response to both the editor in chief and the environment editor at the Daily Express pointing out the many inaccuracies in Dr Fuller’s article.

Concerned about Dr Fuller’s connections with Imperial College which in known to be involved with Defra’s latest round of research into air quality, the SIA also contacted Professor ApSimon at Imperial college.

Professor ApSimon responded to the SIA with the following comment:

Thankyou very much for your letter and the information you have given on wood-burning.
I should make it clear that Gary Fuller is from the ERG group on the White City Campus, and has nothing to do with our work for Defra in the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College- so I cannot take any responsibility for what he has said.

But we are concerned about the large uncertainties in wood burned and its condition, the way in which it is used (open hearth to ecodesign stove) and are aware of the improvements in modern stove design if operated properly; and Defra are working on this. So I think we shall be doing more than looking at the NAEI assumptions alone.

I have forwarded your letter to Sarah Reeves in the Defra team putting the scenarios together, and to Ben Warren from Wood Plc- and thank you for the independent data you have provided.

You can read the full response from the SIA by using the link below.


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